4' x 8' Ft. Bac Bac Matting Tropical Cabana Wall Tiki Bar Palapa Decor

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This Bac Bac matting roll measures approximately 4' x 8' feet with a 1" woven diamond checkered pattern. Slighty darker then Lauhala matting, Bac Bac mats are made from dried banana bark strips that are durable and eco-friendly. This matting is a perfect addition for your home tiki bar, cabana or palapa.  Our matting is hand-woven, and may vary slightly in color, size and pattern.  

Installing Bac Bac matting requires commercial grade glue, staples, or nails. You can resize your matting to any size to accommodate for your specific project. We suggest when slicing with a razor knife place a piece of tape on the back of the matting to prevent fraying during installation.

Sizes can vary slightly due to it being a handmade item.